Tuesday, May 3, 2011

7am on a cold rainy a.m

Lolly knows what she wants or doesn't want.

Like when my mom shoves the pacifier into her mouth to shut her up, literally speaking, she'd bluek it out immediately. With a very haughty expression. If she had finer motor skill, she will probably show her the middle finger too.

And she cries murder when I sneakily give her 2 oz milk instead of 3 (why? Because she just had 3 two hours ago!!!). She would then suck 2 drops of milk and dozes off. 2 drops? That much of milk that made her scream like she was totally famished, sending me (or anyone in the vicinity) in frantic to concoct her, may I repeat, 2 DROPS of milk???

Ok, maybe not 2 drops...but 2 gulps?

Oooh...I so wanna smack her diapered butt!

Having said that, whenever her soft hair touches my hairless chin as she lays on my (hairless again) chest, and when our heartbeats drum in the same rhythm, I'd revert to the old sentiment of...awwwwww she's sho cute.

*shakes head and rolls eyes*. Cuckoo mama (just like you, you and you !) I shall now go back to sleep. Hopefully I wake up sane (a state I doubt I ever was or will be).


Small Kucing said...

Mmmmm...so cuddlely.

CY said...

Lolly and Gooly good combination. Gooly mama and Gooly Papa? Cmon gimme a better name! :)

k.t.x said...

juz like me too...u mean? lolz

Corsage @ A Dollop Of Me said...

Ooh, she's not a pacifier baby then? Bubbles didn't take to it at all as well! She prefers her thumb =P

goolypop said...

Skucing, yeah...smelly too. :p

Cy, err...lomeyo and choo Li Yek ok not?

Ktx, oooh ur bundle of joy arrived?:) :)


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