Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sweet chat

lolly has been awake for a few good hours. Everyone was geting tired, except her. Her bro changed into his jammies, climbed up his bunk bed, ready to call it a night.

Meanwhile, I hit the showers - couldnt stand the icky sticky feeling and Lolly's piercing sound. She wasn't crying. She was just making alot of demanding sounds as per norm. i could still hear her complains as the water hit my head. i chose to ignore her.

And then I heard her sweet bro super layaning her, as usual :

What is it, mei mei?

Mommy is taking her bath.

You miss papah, ah?

And then i heard him climbing down. Mind you, its a tedious task - this climbing business. But he did that to pacify his sister. And soon I heard her chuckling away.

As i stepped out of the bathroom, Gooly asked in a weary tone, "Yawn...can you watch after her now? I'm sleepy."

And he bade us good night.

Such a sweey child.

Lolly too, if only she would stop making so much noise. And go to sleep.


1 comment:

Gargles said...

Talkling about mom behind her back already? Way to go, Lolly and golly!!


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