Monday, September 5, 2011

My name

I have tried not to tell many people about what I'm gonna tell you because I'm not vain like that. A little, but not too much. But here goes..

A few months ago, a good buddy decided to name his baby after me. Ok, probably it wasn't like naming her after me like I am famous or like I saved the world..or 'in honor' kinda sentiment, you know what I mean? Maybe the father just likes my name because it's easy to remember.

But I think I must have been a good person, or at least not a dislikable being, to have a baby named after me. (ok, I gotta stop saying this, cos for all I know, the father thinks anyone can be named that name, and the choice has nothing to do with my charming *cough* character.)

But really......if I were really an ugly *toot* you wouldn't want your child to bear the same name as me, would you? Like I wouldn't name my daughter Paris, right? Or Godzilla.

Funny that I didn't ask him why he chose my name. I just merely proclaimed "what an honor" and of course, "a great name, that is" followed by a non-cleavage bearing bow when he announced that hereinafter his baby and I shall bear a common name (one of my charming stunts *cough*). Hmm...or did he ask permission first? Hmmm......

Anyways, whenever he mentions my..her...our name, I get all toasty warmy inside. Like (in a gushy voice), "That's our name..hehehhehe."

So that's one thing off my bucket list - having someone named after me (sorry! It sounds so cool that I cannot not say it again and again!) Yay! Next, have a stretch of road (preferably 3.25 km long and in Tibet) named after me.

Also, a baby sharing a common but not entirely common name...gotta love her. ;)

P.s My name is NOT Earl. Lol.


Small Kucing said...

what an honor :)

Gargles said...

hello not earl,
weird name you have, but yeah, have to admit very special indeed.

goolypop said...

Skuching, yawor...ur name is sama wif princess mana mana tak?

Gargles, excuse's not Earl dot lol

Gargles said...

lol is surname, bukan?

dr sinkaringam said...

bluff la.. where got ppl wana name their kid 'zubeblabikasetiakaripap' one..!

goolypop said...

r u making fun of my irish ancestors?


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