Saturday, September 24, 2011

Secret codes

In life, many things, I feel, can be solved with good communication. Be it between spouses, friends, collegues or families.

Gooly and I talk, a lot. I would think we communucate well. To an extend sometimes with no words spoken, we know what we feel or think about certain things.

Like when he does something pleasant, he'd turn around knowing i am there to give him an appreciative smile. Likewise when he sees my frown, he'd know not to push the envelope anymore.

Sometime back I had noticed that he spoke in a smart-ass tone, kinda like mr know-it-all. Of course, I taught him the importance of being humble. At 6, it's kinda hard for him to comprehend the whole works of toning down. Hence, we deviced a code - something that will tell him to drop the tone without having to embarass him (by admonishing him) in front of others. I said, everytime I give a shake of my head, or when I put my finger on my lips, or when I squeeze his shoulder, it is an indication to shush it - PRONTO.

But above all, the best communication between us would be the smiles. Amidst many people, say at a party, we always exchange smiles - the universal way of telling "we are doing ok."

In a way, these smiles transpire love too, dont you think?


Anonymous said...

a lifetime of secret codes to share! enjoy the ride, gooly mummy and son!

i had a close bond with my parents and siblings too. it was good. now half the siblings have got married. the wives took them away. insecurity i guess.

goolypop said...

ah....they say..sang kau chasiu better eh? ;) but i like siu yuk better.. :D


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