Saturday, October 1, 2011


The other day, we went to the park and met my nephew's cousin (from his mom's side). This boy is about 11, and my...he is one of the finest boy I have met. He ran towards us, and greeted me and my mom, "Auntie, Por Por" with no prompting from anyone. And he has only met us a couple of times before. I could also see that he takes good care of his little sister. When we asked him stuff, he looked at us and answered reasonably and politely.

Nothing impress me more than a child with manners, empathy and kindness, I really dont care about your academic results. First, learn how to carry proper conversatiom, before you worry about the As and Bs. (applicable for moms and dads too.)

So whenever I meet someone as like-able, I do pray that Gooly grows to be a gentleman too. Hence, I do give him many opportunities to practice some skills. Like today, a good friend got married. I taught him a good handshake - firm and with confidence. And a sincere 'congratulations'.


The other day, I was lining up at the famous assam laksa stall. He was seated with my mom. He walked over to me when it was almost my turn. "Mom, do you need help? Let me help."

Now thats a perfect gentleman.

Just like how the boy impressed me, I do hope someday someone will say that my boy is inspiring too.


Gargles said...

I'm impressed too, knowing he should be greeting you as porpor without prompting.

Anonymous said...

lol at gargles!


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