Sunday, September 4, 2011


For daddy's girl..

If you asked me, he has quite good taste. And if you know him, you'd be so shocked that he actually bought the stuff for his girl. He never...never...never....liked shopping. Not window shopping, not bargain hunting..and especially girlie shopping. These are all bored to death activities for him.

So...well...well...well....anything for his girl , eh?

I'm hopeful it will be my turn no..I don't need help with overcoming shopping-phobia. I want a surprise ward-robe too!


Small Kucing said...

she is a daddy's girl..hehehe

reanaclaire said...

Hope you get one soon!

Gargles said...

what the... no bags and socks and shoes and hairband to go with the frocks? he serriously needs to go more girlie shopping.

goolypop said...

Sk, n he's baby's daddy??

Claire, get bungaloo??

Gargles, what frogs???


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