Monday, September 19, 2011


Sometimes words cannot express a certain moment.

More so when the moment lasts just a few seconds.

But I need to remember that few seconds, because they are worthy.

I want to remember...

..that she was getting ready to sleep. Eyes were shut, fingers (three) in her mouth. She fussed a little, wanting more milk, I reckoned. But I decided to sing, instead.

ABCD.. the note of D, a smile crept in. Eyes still closed, fingers wet in her mouth. And she smiled her watermelon smile, liking my tune, loving my voice.

I couldnt resist but nuzzled her face. Cheek to cheek, I took a strong whiff of her. Her eyes were still not opened. And she let out a chuckle. With her fingers in her mouth.

She is too cute, I tell ya.

She finally decided to open her eyes. And she reached out to me. Stroke my cheeks, gently albeit wet. She murmured. I dont know what she said, but it was tender.

I keep falling in love with her again and again. If i think I loved her 100% today, I will find that I love her more the next day.

Thats a few seconds moment that needs to be recorded, dont you think? Alas, this writing, though doesnt quite reflect the moment exactly the special way it happened, will suffice.

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Anonymous said...

lolly is adorable.
sweet babe, grow up to be like mom, k?


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