Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Potato chips story

My dad keeps little packets of potato chips which he happily gives to Gooly when he asks for them.

Usually he brings two packets down; one for himself, one for me. I think he loves me and thus shares with me his loots, but I also believe that he is afraid that I take bigger share than I ought to, if there was only one packet. Mana cukup kan?

So today he whispered to me, like he was sharing a naughty idea, "How about we take TWO packets each?" I know he was feeling a bit paiseh to ask for more than the usual amount. i like little children to be slightly bashful and not ask for something in a manner which suggests that they totally deserve it. Therefore, I said okeh! He literally jumped with joy, all the way upstairs, to yeh yeh's room and back to where I was. Handed me two packets of chips with the shiniest eyes and widest grin.

He offered to rip open the packets, mine first. He's chivalrous like that. Together we munched the chips, exchanging smiles at every opportunity.

He then decided to savour his second pack for an after-dinner snack. I'm not doing that, I said as I tore open mine. I could see he was in such huge dilemma ; to follow suit or save the best for last - his eyes showed indecisiveness. As I pulled out the first piece from the wrapper, he swallowed his own saliva.

Being a good mom, I offered him a bite, which he took but it was such a puny bite that I bet he couldnt taste anything. This boy has great manners. So I said, "Take bigger bites!"

And he went, "No won't have enough."

I had no choice but to insist with a louder "No la no la no la...enough la.."

We love doing that. The taichi food offering. Sometimes in public too.

Eventually he shyly took another bite, and then he walked away with his 2nd packet (I think to keep in a milo tin under the bed). He said, "But later I'm not sharing mine with you ok?"

Amboi! He said something like he didn't want mine at the first place but I insisted.


Before i could glare, he had turned around, and added, "Do you mind?"

If i said i did, I know he would retract what he said and obligingly share with me.

Therefore, I said, "Sure, you can have all."

And he gave me another big smile,

We share our chips with such strong ardour, don't we?


Small Kucing said...

great negotiator

Winn said...

what happens to 'dare to dicipline'?

goolypop said...

skuching, got future in what industry? need to king sou one,,

winn, u said it all jor..go pg nazi camp ma,


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