Tuesday, September 6, 2011

surprise season 2

Told you! It ws gonna be my turn!

A new bag! Yay! The first one he bought without being told, bribed, threatened or scolded. The first one he bought on his sole proviso!

Love it!

Kate, Louis, say hello to your new sibling, Raya.. (actually that would be Raya version 7.8. I have tons of them, different colours and sizes, collected over the years of staying in Krungthep.)


Winn said...

chong niu pin!!

reanaclaire said...

Very feminine... big ribbon some more.. han sei kat lei..

Gargles said...

Joong waai saai!!
Hmmph! *look sideway*

Small Kucing said...

hang fook lor

goolypop said...

winn, how u know i still wear niu pin?

claire, how u know my kat lei is a gay loe?

gargles, wah your eyes like chameleon can look different direction one?

kuching, hang fook, fai lock, hoi sum all in one heart ^^

dr sinkaringam said...

is that a berkins?

goolypop said...

duh, its a napkin


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