Friday, July 9, 2010

Tadika Idol 2

So today was the day he went up on stage and recited 7 verses of Shakespear's poem.

*pbbbbbbth blow into white hanky* I was so proud. *dab dab tears* My boy was meant/born to be an IDOL!!!

Kidding... not so drama, ok?

To tell the truth, I was rather panicky cos during rehearsal sessions with me, he was always goofing around, mumbling, reciting at bullet-train speed, scratching his butt and coughing a lot.

{Oh wait..before that. I forgot to mention that he didn't read a story after all cos I realized he could actually memorise a poem. But to be sure that 'blur and blank' moment doesn't happen, I made little clues for him on a paper just so he knew the verses in order. }

I brought an extra shirt for him to change but he didn't want to even though Iris was in a hippie dress, Angeline was in a princess gown, Ben was in a cowboy suit and another boy in a duck suit. Yes.. you heard me rite.. A bright yellow duck costume [though his performance has got nothing to do with poultry of any sort. Hmm...very peculiar indeed.]

So he wasn't vain (like me) after all.

We were all very anxious - me, papah and nanai . Yes! The whole house went as cheerleaders. I kept looking at him, and he kept giving me the 'thumbs-up' sign. He was pretty 'smooth' for his inaugural solo performance, I must say.

Most of them sang ( the 'duck' too), some recited poems, one played the keyboard and a few danced.. and soon it was Gooly's turn to go stage. [Say, I didn't know I could actually hold my breath for so long! ]

He took confident strides on the stage. Grabbed the mike and started his recitatation in clear crsip voice. He stood tall, head held high, arms at his sides (no butt scratching, thank god!). At one point, he forgot the next verse. I mouthed the word 'hawk' (the keyword for that particular verse) and he went on smoothly again.

Actually that was what I enjoyed most. Seeing the connection between moms and kids. We were there to give confidence. Just like Iris, whose mother went on stage to hold her hand to kick start her poem reading. And me, mouthing 'hawk' (and flapping arms) to help Gooly. I don't know about you, but I would definitely take leave from work (if i had a job) so not to miss moments as such.

At the sound of XIE XIE from Gooly and the thunderous claps from the audience, I heaved a breath of relief!

It's all over!! And it was my turn to give him two 'thumbs up'. Great job, Gooly!

I think it's cute and endearing how kids just go on stage and do their stuff. They were all having a gala time, not an ounce of fear or shyness was detected. I don't know how we adults end up as nervous wrecks! We should be just like them - having fun no matter what.

So, good job everyone! You kids totally rocked the stage today :)

(There are some pictures, anyone want to see them? The 'duck'..? Anyone? )

Tadika Idol Part One here.


Mamapumpkin said...

The 'duck' happens to be my nephew. I am so gonna tell his mother her duck is famous. Just kidding, mwahahaha....quick, let's see the duck; quack-quack! More importantly, let's see Gooly!! We want Gooly!! We want Gooly!! Oh, and you are obviously not with it to understand the duck boy poem although it had nothing to do with duck/poultry, tsk. Blek! Happy weekend!

goolypop said...

mama P, oooh..the duck and you, the pumpkin came fr the same farm one... :D

Gargles said...

did he win? did he win? i sent many sms to vote for him wor..

share the prize money ah. you promised 50-50.

Sinkaringam said...

i once recite a poem during my kindy time which goes like this:

my mom gave me a few buck,
to mary's house to buy a duck,
but tht day i damn good luck,
instead of a duck i get a good f..

why can't they just let me finist my recital!!

BoeyJoey said...

yes yes i wana see the photos! i'm sure Gooly did very well! and you? dabbing the corners of your eyes leh...

reanaclaire said...

pppeeeet weeett..sorry, out of tune liow.. if i were there, i sure cheer encore, encore...
eh, my kids never recite poems before.. so cant blame u for feeling so "excited and breathless"

goolypop said...

gargles, won Anugerah Bintang RTM....u will see him on Cumi dan Cuki show...di ntv 7, rangkaian ceria anda..

goolypop said...

gargles, won Anugerah Bintang RTM....u will see him on Cumi dan Cuki show...di ntv 7, rangkaian ceria anda..

goolypop said...

sinkar, hmm..i wonder what is wrong with the word, fluck..

goolypop said...

BJoey, ok ok, nanti i load up since the demand is sooooo great (heh! only two want to see :P)

Sabar menunggu ok?

Claire, twinkle twinkle is also poem ok? Rhyming rhyming jugak..

smallkucing said...

This round he very good ah..tarak scared. Maybe coz got many "cheerleaders" there


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