Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Siamese Twin 2 and an award

Ok so I concluded that I really don't mind having Gooly as my Siamese twin. Reason being I enjoy having an extra gut his companionship.

1. He makes good conversations. Like this:

"Do you know you are the most prettiest mom that I ever know in my WHOLE life?"

Trying to impart modesty, I said, "No way! You are just saying that to make me buy you that toy happy.." *coy smile*

But he insisted. "It's true! You better trust me!"

I have no choice but to trust him. Tell me that isn't the best instant-mood-lifter conversation (and you will know how it is to have an "only-gum" smile).

2. He asks good questions. Like this:

"What do astronauts do in space?"

Yeah, seriously? Come to think about it they just float around and shoot pee the wrong way all year long! (Don't be offended, if you happen to be an astronaut, which I seriously doubt.)

"What can I be when I grow up - the important things to be? Architects.. Engineers.. Policemen... GOD..."

Whaa..waatt? Did he say GOD? Oh God!

3. He makes keen observations.

"The roofs on the houses are all different. Some are triangle.. semi circle...pointy...bla bla bla.."

All I have to do during his observation period is to give some acknowledgements i.e nodding my head, giving an audible sound such as, smile sweetly and I get to indulge in chill-pill mode with the thought of - "I will be welcoming another 'baby' into my closet this Monday."

Ah .. such bliss it is to have a Siamese twin born 30 years apart.


Ha... presenting Kawaii award from Beskotkeras. Tima kashih... She wants to know why I am so cute.

Bluff la.. The question is what are my efforts to make the blog cheerful. Hmm.. buy more bags??

5 words that describe me : Right now, it's peckish, cold, shitty, nonsensical and cock-eyed. (Phew, luckily no explanation required!)

Ok, now I can distribute the award (I love distribution works) - to everyone but you (don't be silly, of course it's not you.. I mean the other you... you know? (-;)

Thank you! *takes a bow revealing cleavage*


reanaclaire said...

meaning to say, Gooly is your miniature.. what he does now was what you did those days but then no one heeds u then.. :p

Gargles said...

ahh... your whole point is about monday.... wheeeee~

going where gaigai to show it off sin?? must pinjam 1 min for me to take pic with it, k? coz it's not so nice to take pic in that shop la, hoh? see you on tiusday.

goolypop said...

claire..those days..I say, ppl do ok?? But now....*sigh*...POE YING!

Gargles, some things are not meant to be shared. In this instance, my new bag. I hope you understand.


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