Saturday, July 3, 2010

Medical Apparels

E.R, Nip Tuck, Grey's Anatomy.

Yup, today's topic is America's Hospital Tv Series. To be frank, I have never watched E.R much. Nope..not when everyone was going gaga over George Clooney and Nip Tuck was too scary.

But... Grey's Anatomy. Ho ho ho..... That's my kinda show. I cried buckets over many episodes, and yelled at Meredith many a times over her indeciveness.

And I gotta say all of the male doctors (except for O'Malley) look smashing in their white lab coats - extra sexy with the stetoscope around their neck, if I may add. (teehee!).

See what I mean....

Picture source: here

Last year, I went to the hospital quite a lot with my mom. As you know with all government hospitals, there are two things to do while waiting for your turn:

1. sleep until a patch of saliva is seen on your shirt

2. ogle Look at the docs in white lab coats and nurses in their cheap scrubs uniforms (depends on your preference, really)

I always pick no. 2 because not only I drool while sleeping IN PUBLIC, I happen to snore too.

So while looking, I wonder, why do medical doctors wear their labcoats every where? Like to the toilet, to the cafe and if you are around the hospital vicinity, you see them crossing the streets in their labcoats too. Is it some kind of prized procession? Like, "Hey look at me, I am a doctor!"

Or could it be..when there is an emergency, and they could just shove in and say,"I am a doctor!" without showing any identifications because durh.. the white coats are a license to operate.

Hmm.. I don't know. It bugs me cos I think it's icky to be saving lives wearing a labcoat that has been worn everywhere, including and especially the toilet.

And also! I have noticed that some (not all) of the coats are not sparkly white! Well, yeah.. if you are clumsy like me, coffee are sure to splutter on those coats (if you wear them while drinking coffee.) See? You shouldn't be wearing those coats everywhere!

That's why they are all (ok ok, not all but SOME) dirty and scruffy looking... Yeww... They should really order new ones at


Gargles said...

doing paid posts ah? must cheng-yumcha la wei.

goolypop said...

xcus me.. didnt u see the label? "PENAJA BAG ASLI".......*lansi flip hair and show u butt*


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