Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oily Mouth Gooly

When Gooly says:

My favourite meal in the whole wide world is Nainai's cooking. I love nainai's cooking the BEST!

What he really means is:

I don't fancy kopitiam with no air-cond, I'd rather stay home eat fried rice.

When Gooly says:

I miss Nainai. I want to go home now. She is so lonely at home.

What he really means is:

I don't like walking aimlessly in the mall with my mother. I just want to go home and watch Ultraman.

When Gooly says:

You are the prettiest mom I have ever seen in my life!

What he really means is:

You are the prettiest mom I have ever seen in my life!

Meet Gooly - the oily mouth, the suave talker, the heart-breaker.

Ok-lah, there are times that he says stuff which do not contain any embedded meanings. You know, saying stuff the literal way? Like the time he said, "Nai nai, you be careful ok?" as my mom alighted from the car.

And also, "Are you tired, Nai nai? If you are tired, you go take a rest, ok? You don't work so hard."

And who can forget, "Mom, you are the prettiest mom that I have ever seen in my life?" (He is so embarrassingly honest and truthful *roll left eye ball*)

Gooly is a quite a charmer, isn't he?


Gargles said...

yes, indeed! He shouldn't be recycling those few words though, coz he said the same thing to me "You are the prettiest mom I have ever seen in my life!"... and yeah, he really means "You are the prettiest mom I have ever seen in my life!". This gooly...

Horrand said...

Have you gave all your braass to horrand? They are in the final now!!

BoeyJoey said...

When Gooly said:
"You are the prettiest mom I have every seen in my life!"

What he really mean is:
"Come let's go shopping for transformers!"

-> this one I'm sure one... now don't you deny it... Keekekeke

reanaclaire said...

so the nai nai lum or not, like that? by the way, why call nai nai one? i tot u were referring to your MIL...

goolypop said...

Gargles and Boey Joey..korang jeles ye? *flip hair till slap slap your faces* Hmmph!

Horrand, football? You talk football here? *flex muscle* NO FOOTBALL ALLOWED!

Claire, yawor..he insisted on calling nai nai. Siao. And calls my dad, yehyeh. My parents say takpelah..endearing also.


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