Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Siamese Twin

Yesterday, someone, good naturedly told me that Gooly may be a teensy weeny attached to me.

In my defence, I was like, "Woaahhht??? OF COURSE HE IS ATTACHED TO ME. WE ARE A TEAM - MOTHER AND SON TEAM!"

Ok, not so heatedly I spoke. But yeah.. something along the line which proclaims the right to our tight-knittedness.

However, when I was driving and then taking a dump, I was thinking, could it be true? That Gooly is my siamese twin?

1. Ok, I can't watch Sex and the City 2 with Mamapumpkin, even with weeks advance notice because he goes, "Where is mom?" every 5 seconds he doesn't see me.

2. Ok, he likes coming to the shop to 'accompany me' even though he just sits there and counts the ceiling panels.

3. Ok, he wants to call my yoga instructor to cut short the class because he 'misses me' so much - my one and only 1.5 hours weekly class sans him and he totally hates it.

Gah! He is my evil siamese twin!

But what the heck! I think it's good that he is close to me. And where I work, it's ok to bring children/pets/blog/, so what's the problem?

Unless he is 10....and still wanting to be with me 24/7.

I have *calculate with my 11 fingers* 5 more years till I REALLY GOTTA HAFTA worry about the term "mommy's boy".

PS: I think by nature, kids are close to the moms or dads, but because we have maids and nannys and grandparents and nintendos, we tend to think that kids should/can live just as good with the 'substitutes'. Given a choice,seriously, MOMS will always top the chart for 'who do you want to hang out with?' (again applicable only for homo sapiens 9 years and below).


tuti said...

so must pangsai together also lah.
oh i forgot, that is your 'me-time'!!

goolypop said...

No lah, tuti, you are welcome to join in. Come come *pat pat stool*..our tete a tete session. Let's talk about the food we ate just now.

(yewwww!!! You bring the grossest out of me)

Gargles said...

moe mong siong! 10 yo still would be asking for mama every 5 secs, or maybe 10. wait until he's 50 yos. by then he can't be asking mama since you will be ... (you know).

goolypop said...

gargles, i will Alaska, watching the Northern Lights, killing bears and roasting salmon, and totally forget about you?


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