Friday, July 16, 2010

Goolymama got a pat yo...

This afternoon while having lunch, an elderly couple came to sit with us. Being a magnet for old folks, Gooly, as usual, got their attention and started discussing about Ben 10 characters (of all topics, Ben 10 isn't exactly his forte! C'mon, he could have impressed them with his knowledge of the Freudian Theory.)

The por-por was seriously very ill-informed of the latest trend. She doesn't know what/who is Ben 10. And was slightly aghast at the sight of the hideous monstrous looking characters that Ben could turn into. But she was polite enough not to tell me off for letting Gooly watch that cartoon.

Well, the fact is I don't cos we don't have Astro (is Ben 10 still showing? *shrug*).

She wondered then when she can catch the cartoon and on which channel. Only then I let the cat out of the bag - that Gooly knows about the characters through the coloring book which he was coloring, not through TV.

Oh, she was so pleased to hear that. (Maybe she muttered a silent 'thank god!" too.) She complimented me on my parenting skill (teehee! Little does she know about my infamous 'cactus' threat).

As she was leaving, she gave me a pat on the back and said, "You raised your child well."

Ahhh.... that was nice.

So I decided to pay forward some compliments. I saw a toddler, and told her mom, "He is so kewt!!!"

And I am still in the 'giving compliment' mood. Come see me, I'll throw in some nice pats on your back! ;)


Gargles said...

lucky you stop gooly just in time before he starts reviewing to popo the porn stuffs he watches on the internet..

apa lah lu...! said...

eloh, shakira waka waka mtv is not pawn ok..

smallkucing said...

m leh? me leh? me want a pat too :P


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