Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Every once a while, I allow Gooly to ponteng school (play truant).


Yes, you may pick up your dropped jaw.

Obviously there isn't a verse in our agreement which says, "Unless you fall sick until you can't haul your ass off the bed, YOU ARE GOING TO SCHOOL."

So yeah.. yesterday he didn't feel like going to school because he felt oh-so-down because he didn't get to see his papah long enough because... (long story and not important!)

His mood perked up immediately when I said, "You want to stay home and watch Ultraman?" Seriously, this kind of mom (pointing at my chest) is a GEM!

Aiya.. I think no biggie-lah if he were to miss/skip classes. He won't get to do it when he joins the work force. He can't say, "I have no mood, I'm not going to work."

Plus, we all ponteng-ed while we were in school, didn't we? And I'd rather he tells me next time that he wants to ponteng rather than lying to me, and ends up at Tea Party at Picadilly Discotheque (which I went only when I was 16 years old.)

But still.....

I was rather embarrassed when the teacher asked, "Why were you not in school yesterday?" and he nonchalantly, cool-ly said, "No mood..."

Gah! I avoided eye contact with the teacher and stealthily sauntered out the classroom.

Would it have been better if he told a white lie - something like, "I shat in my pants on the way here..."

I know. I am contracting myself. As usual.


reanaclaire said...

what an honest boy!

Gargles said...

ok geh, ponteng 1-har school, though statistics show that drug addicts, snatch thieves, rapists, murderers (mainly sampah masyarakat), also start from young with ponteng sekolah, but ok geh, ok geh...

*shake head*

The real me said...

I totally support ponteng! This is the strategy to make great leaders for tomorrow!!

goolypop said...

claire.. jik tau macam Washington yang honest itu....

Gargles, but but but.. 38 masyarakat come from ppl like you who attended school 365 days in half a year wor..

Real me, eerrr... i think you mistaken ponteng with Ayam Ponteh... which the latter makes true leaders..


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