Sunday, April 24, 2011

The pillow story

When I turn myself into a milk factory, I often have a pillow behind me for comfort. And I turn on the machine that sucks my boobs high and dry. Breastfeeding can be sucha lonesome journey.. Many nights I only have the sound of ggrrrr..grrrrrr..grrrr.... of the medela machine for company.

I digressed.'s always a pillow to support my spine - a little attempt to make bfeeding like a vacation by the pool. Y'know...the 'oh-I--am-so-relaxed' mood that I try to psych myself up. Or should I say psycho myself???

I digressed. Again.


This afternoon, I shifted the furniture a bit in the room. The rattan chair and my faithful pillow are now next to the window. I have yet to buy a plug for the 'breast man-chine' so I resorted to sitting down on the floor, doing my 'thang' when gooly walked in and exclaimed, "So poor thing? No chair?"

Before I could say it's a temporary arrangement, he walked to the window, took the pillow and propped it on the cupboard where I was precariously leaning against (with a finger up in my nostril too!).

"Here, mom. Is that better?"

I tell you..this boy takes care of me. Yes, he does.

I don't need a pillow to feel great comfort. My boy provides so much body, mind and soul are relaxed! *gloats*

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