Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In the still of the night

At almost 4 weeks old, lil lolly is showing us quite a bit of herself.

Like how she'd pucker up her lips when she does a poop.

Or how her face goes red when she needs to burp.

Her neck is quite strong too. She can like lift her neck up when I carry her upright whilst burping her. Super powerful, I tell you.

I'm awake now cos I just gave her milk. (but won't publish this cos I wanna post her poop face pic which hasnt been uploaded -the puckered lips one, not face full of s*it)

She was wide -eyed a while ago. I looked at her and thought, "Eh, she looks like a mini Deng Xioa Peng!" lol! That's me talking and thinking at 4am. I dunno..she does resemble an old man with the little wispy hair she has. It's kinda bald at the top, and slightly bushy at the side.

Imagine a koala, if you like.
Still cute nonetheless!

Anyways, I was looking at her looking at me just now...and she squirmed and stretched a bit. It was cute so I let out a chuckle. And what dya know... She gave me back a smile! It was a watermelon kinda smile like this ------ > :D Hah! It was probably a fluke smile but I loike it!

And then she gave a tired soft yawn and went back to sleep. Woot! Joo-bee-leeeee!

Ok I admit, there were nights (3 thus far) that she drove me nuts - insisted to be carried to sleep. No..insisted that I walked around while carrying her with wet boobs functioning like dripping faucets! Gah! Totally forced me to cuss 'basket biscuit busted' repeatedly. When I put her down, she immediately pooped or vomited or wanted more milk, signalling each activity with tears. Basket or not?

But ...just now..her watermelon smile...aiseh... Makes me go, ok I forgive you for all you late night illegal activities! * smirk and punch her shoulder lightly*

Say... 6.30 am already? Time to punch out..kakak coming in a while. Yahoo! Maggie anyone?


tuti said...

such is love of a mother.
lolly is adorable. and you too lah, drippy boobs and all.

goolypop said...

Eh tuti, my saliva dripping also when I sleep. Still adorable?


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