Sunday, April 10, 2011

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I now work night shift, producing milk by ounces (wish I could say gallons!) and feeding lil lolly at ungodly hours. When kakak comes in the morning, she takes over. And I hit the sack, just like a hooker would on a tired morning. :p

Gooly had been exceptionally understanding. He lets me snooze, coming in to give me kisses and sometimes from his tone, I can tell he is praying hard that I'd wake to play with him. My boy misses me, I know. But hang in there, happier more wakeful moments await us!

The other day, he came in...I knew he whispered something and I groggily nodded and mumbled something -can't remember what. When I woke, I saw the items on the floor in the above pic.

Then I remembered -"Mom, there is water in case you get thirsty." "Mom, I wrote you some messages on iPhone." "Mom, another pillow for you so you are comfortable."

Sniff! My son rawks better than the confinement lady whom I don't have!


Small Kucing said...

no photo show up. Googly so "sang seng" and "seng muk".

tuti said...

he'll make a great big bro.
heck, he already is. *sniff*

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Can't see the photo! But very very sweet and caring of him!

dr sinkaringam said...

actually he whispered 'mum, the toilet is stucked.. i put a glass of water sample from the toilet to let u know how dirty issit now..'

goolypop said...

mm..sori girls, the iphone is a bit wonky.. But imagine lah - a blue tupperware, fuschia pink pillow and an iphone. Hehehe..

Dr, and the pillow, he peed on it? and the iphone put so near me so i get radiation? Geez..too much Lady gaga u listen too. So weird u


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