Wednesday, April 20, 2011


There were nights that gooly woke to drink some water and saw me feeding his lil sister, or burping her, or changing her, or carrying her or heard me asking myself , "Why did we decide to have a baby again?" while tearing my hair out.

Thus, he knows I have had terrible nights.

Yesterday before heading off to bed, he wrote me a note -"Mom, I hope you have a good night sleep."

Aww..that's just gotta be the nicest thing to say and hope for a sleep deprived mom.

Speaking of notes, he also wrote this other one the other day -

"Mom, can I do half my homewrok today and half tomoro becos I want to bengsan alredy."

I relented of course cos 'bengsan' is really too cute a word to ignore.


Gargles said...

yeah, you had better get a good night's sleep else he had to kick you out of the room jor.

(too manis la he.. unbelievable!)

Winn said...

A www meh?? Pingko kum yoke nei?

goolypop said...

Gg, kick mei mei first la..I'm also a victim Wei...

Wiin, no la..the saukaupoji van passed by n quahli went awwwwwwwwwwww~ howling again.

Small Kucing said...

The 1st few months really tiring but after that will be ok. Hang on there

tuti said...

so cool the big bro. neber jealous that the lil' sis is giving mom a bad time sometimes, and instead he encourages you on!! really really wonderful kiddo. *kisses his forehead*

goolypop said...

Skuching, u say one arrrr..... , how many mths to be ekjek??

Tuti, waaah ur lipstick colour one?? Rocker chic look ah?


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