Monday, February 21, 2011

A lil update, ladies and gentleman

"Mom, let me tell you a story.." Gooly was saying while taking a dump.

"It's based on the story of Haachi.. It's a fiction."

Gotta admit I am impressed with his usage of "based on" and "fiction". Heheh.

The story..erm.. I mean fiction he created was a tad too similar to the tear-jerker starring Richard Gere. I was stifling some yawns until he came to the part where the first dog ran away and he had to find another dog in which he named Itchy.

Haachi and Itchy. Hah. That made me feel like I have not wasted 2 minutes of my (pregnant) life, at least.

Speaking of which.. I am already at my 33th week. This lil Lolly kicks ass all the time. And is not letting me eat any sweet stuff. (I have gestational diabetes.) Despite born being sweet (ahak!) I mean, with a sweet tongue, I am, surprisingly adjusting well to the new diet.

I'm thinking of being house bound starting next week.. simply because I am lazy.. and I would be horrified if I had to give birth in a taxi. The latter is of course 'One in A Million' as Neyo would have sung.. But I am paranoid! Gah gah gah!

Hence, since last CNY, I have been making little appointments with ma-gals, citing the possibility of me going MIA( for the next..I dunno.. 5 years?? )as a reason! Lunches here and there. Usually Gooly tags along.. except one particular night. I went out sans him. Had a gala time. Came home close to midnite to a drawing stuck on the wall :

I love you mama. I miss you mama.

That's the kisah cinta seorang budak berumur 6 tahun. Hiak hiak hiak.

Been getting loads of hand-me-downs for Lolly. I wonder how many bibs a baby needs? 35? Cos that's the amount I have. Hah! Bought little hair clips - bows and flowers, Miffy and Mickey.. But what if she has very little hair? Gah!

The name is more or less decided. :) It sounds lovely (to ma ears!).

And everytime people asked me, Scissors, I mean Caesar or Natural.. I go Hmmm...... I know! I only have a few more weeks to think! Decision ! Decision! I think I wasted too much time.. like listening to stories of Haachi and Itchy, instead of pondering on how to give birth.

But one thing for sure.. I don't want to give birth in a taxi...



Gargles said...

I believe gooly can name his sister better than you la. and before you really stick to her name, be sure to google it and see if there's any "interesting" stories which happened to another girl of the same name!

so, which means no more gaigai for you? never mind, we jam in your room.

dr sinkaringam said...

hearsay giving birth is a taxi will entitled the kid for a free taxi ride for life! or was it a lrt? not sure..

goolypop said...

gargles, u mean name like gargles as in "She gargles every morning"..those kinda names?

I got invite u to my room meh? BANG! *slam door*

Dr, sori, I dun take taxi.. only cabs.

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I happened to stumble upon your blog and read till this particular post I couldn't hold back my fingers for the impulse of leaving few lines. :-)

I could be wrong, but your six year old not only creative, he could be linguist too! The fiction dog story that he told you, 'Hachi' in Japanese is eight. And the 'Itchy' per your spelling version, believe it or not, in Japanese 'Ichi' means one. :-D So, there you go mommy, you have brought up a wonderful boy. And in the near future a beautiful princess will join in the line.

Warm regards,

goolypop said...

HI mag, welcome! Thanks for your kind words. That certainly put a smile on my face. :) Pure co-incidence eh..hachi and itchy..ha ha..


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