Monday, February 21, 2011

Bedtime Stories

I STILL read to Gooly every night. He probably can handle Oedipus by Sophocles on his own now.. (Kidding.......!) but we still enjoy reading together.

Recently, my six boxes of junks from Bangkok arrived. Yep.. after 12 long months..or has it been longer? Anyways, besides my Jatujak bags and shoes, and my inheritance of Tupperwares from my MIL, Gooly's collection of books was another thing that got us high in mood.

One by one, we dug them out and went, "Ooooh.. remember this? We read this all the time in Bangkok!.....and this.... Ooooh.. you loved it so much then!..."

Yep..real sentiments there over some silverfish infested children books.

I love classics. For children's literature. The oldest story I have is probably "Martin and Tommy" which was written pre-World War 1 in Switzerland. It's a very simple but endearing story about friendships. The other book which I treasure is the first publication of Velveteen Rabbit, dated circa 1950s.

That night we read Harold and his Purple Crayon - another classic he never got bored of. I love reading Harold. Everything is possible with his purple crayon. He goes to the Moon, Mars and back to Earth with a stroke of his purple crayon.

I tell you why I like reading with Gooly so much. Cos we don't just read.. We ask each other questions and I must say, more often than not, I get some interesting insights from the not-so-little brain of his.

When we read Harold's Trip to the Sky, I asked which planet he would like to visit. His answer - Neptune. I had to ask why, of course.

"Cos I like cold places."

Oooh.. is Neptune cold? I can never remember facts as such. He said,"Yep!" with a strong nod of his head.

I hit the keyboards ..and true enough, Neptune is not just a cooking oil brand, but the coldest planet.

He asked me which planet I like, in return, and why.

"I like Pluto.. because .... I like Mickey Mouse and his dog, Pluto."

I don't think I am very good at giving impressive answers... *hangs head in shame*

Nonetheless, he laughed at my silliness. And I sent him off to bed, with a big grin on his face.

I love bed time stories. With Gooly. And perhaps, Lolly can hear the stories too now. We are starting her real early. :)

P.s: There are lots of good children titles out there.. Please don't buy Barbie stories.... What Mariposa nonsense.....:P


Gargles said...

you mean, you not buying any barbie books for little bb lui? noooo... got major psychological issues later, u noe..

dr sinkaringam said...

how abt those titles like 'the death of my puppy', 'the day i stabbed my annoying classmate', 'secret rendevous with miss pamela' and 'circumcision for beginners'?

goolypop said...

gargles. i dont see any psychological issues with gooly also even tho he nvr read Barbie..wats the problem leh?

Dr, those are classics.. do keep them safely under your bed (together with ur other 'pawns') for your future generation..


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