Friday, February 25, 2011

The doc cut you out

"Did I come out from your stomach or private part, mom?"




Ok, he was cut open from my stomach, with his hand reaching out first..umbilical cord following some sort of Alien movie.Hence it wasn't hard to tell him the answer.

But how on earth he knows about some other babies traveling the other route... sightseeeing at the birth canal first and then thru the 'cave hole'?

He said I told him before.

I did? Hmmm...

He must have appeared so nonchalant about it, and accepted the facts with a wise nod...or probably a 'durh - of course from your private part, takkan from your nostrilsn - look, that I have totally forgotten that the discussion ever took place.



Small Kucing said...

lol...nasib baik he did say come out from the bum bum

blame it to pregnancy memory loss la..maybe u did tell him before but forgottn leh.

wei..bila meletup? this month or what?

goolypop said...

Sk, early April :) remember htr sebungkus durian ok.....


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