Saturday, February 26, 2011

Week 34.5555555

Yesterday night I woke with a cramp. I can't remember if it was severe but I do remember sitting in the toilet, wondering if any shit was coming out. And then it occurred to me that I may be in labour but I brushed off the thought as the pain subsided with no shit coming out from my ass. I groggily went back to bed, praying hard that I could fall asleep again.

Sleep has been hard. I dunno if it's the mattress, the pillow, the air, the hormones or the hunger..but I don't usually sleep till 3-4am.

In the daytime, I'll be taking what they call - forty winks?

Sigh..that's like putting my moniker 'sleeping beauty' to shame.

Lolly weighed almost 2kg last week. Truth be told, I have not gained much weight due to my strict non carbo cum dessert diet. I do however allow myself to indulge in, perhaps a bowl of rice a today, I had chic rice. Yums. And this regime only started last week in which I had my first bowl of fish head beehoon in two months! What a feat!

Of late, I have been thinking of doing some stuff before I go into labour. Like watching a movie. Like going to the pasar malam. Like having my pics taken.

But I'd wake in the morn, feeling not quite in the mood to do anything.

It's been an almost 'doing nothing but making baby' 9-mth stint, hasn't it?

Time to go save the earth once labour is over and done with! My superheroin costume awaits me under the bed..


Small Kucing said...

tensionn.....really hate the waiting...

goolypop said...'s ok la..I like ppl giving me ways upon seeing my belly..hehe..

Gargles said...

going into labor in a cinema also ok wor, can have free passes for the rest of your life..jom!

goolypop said...

Gargles, sure they won't hand me the mop n ask me to clean up the mess ah? Also, I can just imagine the audience (ppl like u) rolling their eyes saying... I can't believe I'm sitting next to a ttp! Make sure u dun scream so loud when u deliver!


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