Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My washing machine tummy

If I remember correctly, Gooly was very gentle in my tummy. It was always a little tap here and there. Very ticklish and butterfly-fluttering feelings. It could be that the fibroids had given him little space to move about then.

Meanwhile...Miss Lolly here...

Amboi! Adui!

She moves and makes my tummy feels like a washing machine at its last cycle! Grung grung grung grung....!

It happens fairly often that Gooly has had the chance to 'feel' her. He enjoys the swirling movements so much that he giggles and keeps prompting his lil sister to 'kick mahmee'.

Sometimes her little toes or fingers ( or head?) goes tap tap tap against my tummy..for minutes! I can only imagine that she is lansily sitting on a high chair, with one leg up while the other swinging leisurely (causing the knocks on my tummy), while slurping on a lolly. *chuckles* I change positions sometimes as the tapping gets a bit irritating, often disturbing my slumber. Sometimes I silly-ly say, "Hey hey hey.. stop it." Duh.. Like she would listen.

But when she is all quiet and non-moving, I tap on my stomach and yell, "Yoohoo, wake up!" Fickle minded indeed a pregger mom is..

I wonder if there is any correlation between an active baby in the womb and a hyper one once birthed? Some say yes.. Some say it's just a myth.

I think I'd go with the latter since Gooly wasn't as active in my sac but he was born a night owl!

So yeah.. keep on kicking, Lolly. Well, when you are out, it's my turn to kick your butt! :P


Gargles said...

we can kick her butts too, right? ok ok, no kicks, just pinches. can't wait! *rub hands*

dr sinkaringam said...

u had the whole goat for lunch??

Small Kucing said...

laa.....i tot what washing machine lol...

goolypop said...

gg, pinch butt or cheeks sin?

dr sinka, sorry, kambing tak halal.

sk, abuden.....electrolux ker? :D


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