Thursday, January 27, 2011

Critical Mind

"How was Rapunzel put in the tower when it has no door and no stairs?

"Where did the Egyptians get those wood and blocks to build pyramids when they (were) are at the desert?"

"Why did the billy goats tell the wolf how their mother looks like? That's not very smart."

Critical reading 101.

Going to school won't kill all these brain cells right? I hope..


omaikot said...

throw the sperm and ovum into the tower thru the window.

never heard of the word 'imported'?

studies shows that 85% of billy goats hv poor eyesight due to the long eye lashes. they cant really see whom they are talking to..

i learnt all this from school.

Small Kucing said...

wah...all the wwww come out wor hahaha.


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