Monday, February 13, 2012


Ah..the third tonal sound. Not like when the dentist or doctor asks you to open your mouth wide and say, "Ah....". Also not like when you are shot and you yelp a loud dramatic "Ah......" Neither it is AH long that AH.

It is the obedient AH, the chinese version of OK.

Gooly, go get ready for school now.


Gooly, go call yehyeh down for dinner.


Gooly, turn off the tv now.


Getddit? That "ah"?

I do love the way he complies by saying "ah". Its very chinese, very gentle and very affirmative. Its extra special when the dialogue is exchanged in mandarin between nainai and him.

"Gooly, ni si jau sien, hau bu hau?"


I admit i am quite anal about getting a (quick) response from him when i talk to him. I cannot stand children in front of the idiot box, staring into galaxy far far away, with flies hovering their open mouths, and when you tell them something 10 times, they only respond 1 time (10 mun 9 mm ying).

When i say do something, chop chop, do it quick. Or at least pretend that you heard me.

Therefore, it makes me smile, this little style of his - which i call "The Ah". Sometimes he says, "Ah..just give me a minute" which is fine. At least i know he is alive.


Anonymous said...

my ah just got louder as i grow older. :D

goolypop said...

U grow older, but ppl get deaf ah?

ah... Ah..... Ah......{soprano}

Winn said...

the last time i heard reece said har or ah when her papa called her...she got sounded by hitler :' cannot say har, say yes papa!! "

" yes papa " she obeyed.


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