Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Terrible 10?

Dear Tom Kurus,

Lolly usually hits the sack between 8pm and 9pm. It's a good 11 hours sleep for her with 1 or 2 feedings in between. Ergo she wakes at around 7.30? Gawd! So early! My eyes are still shut and my mood, fouled, of course. Every. Freaky. Morning.

She takes her morning nap reluctantly - sometimes for a full hour or 20 minutes, depending. It can be anytime between 10am - 12pm. So i cant do breakfast with you, sorry. And i cant do lunch either cos she gets cranky again, say by 2pm cos...i dont know, shes hungry? Shes sleepy? Shes moody? When she is finally taking her nap, you'd say, who the heck eats at 3pm?

Id love to have dinner with you but i cant cos she is tired by 7pm (the universal dinner time!!!). And then she would wanna sleep at 8pm but refuses to, just for the heck of it.

And i cant go supper with you either, just in case she wakes and there is no one in the room, you know. It will freak her out completely.

What about anytime between her naps? Gee i dont know..its a lot of work to pack and unpack her paraphenelia - milk, diapers, hot water, cold water, wipes, toys, snacks, sweater, singlet, socks, bibs, etc. and she absolutely abhors car rides. Shes ok if you let her hold the wheel but Britney got into trouble doing that. Bummer! Or we could leave her at the foot seat where she can pick up sand and pebbles to chew on. It would really make her day if she finds pieces of papers. Nom nom nom! Paper nutrients!

A stroll at the park? I dunno...she doesnt like her Graco, Aprica and latest Maclaren. Do you have a Stokke or Quinny which we can try out?

So Tom, will have to find another date. Or you can wait till Lolly doesnt need that many naps or is more stable (emotionally, mentally? Schedully?)

If we are lucky, we are talking about another 1000 days wait? Maybe? Hopefully?

P/s: there are days where she is exceptionally good... So i dont know if its just an excuse to be a social hermit or I am not a risk taker (yeah, its a lot of risks bringing a bawling baby out).


Gargles said...

dear fan of tom kurus,

mission impossible 5 will be coming to your cinema near you in summer 2021. thanks for your continuous support in tom kurus.

personal secretary of tom.

goolypop said...

Get it not a aircond...


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