Wednesday, February 8, 2012

She's cute too

I havent been exactly fair with my appraisal. Besides being cranky and uncooperative and obstinate, Lolly actually can be adorable too. Like today, i was immitating a dog's made her laugh. She crawled to me, gave me a hug, and patted my shoulder a few times as if to say, "Good one, mom!"

She likes to hug me from behind. And pats me on the shoulder while making this soft puddy-tat purr. Its her way of showing love.

And gooly and i love to tease her by hugging each other, and calling out her name. She would then hurriedly crawl over for a group hug. With the widest smile.

She sticks her tongue out when I (only I) ask for it. Not always. Only when shes in the mood. Sometimes she throws in a beelup-beelup-beelup sound effect as bonus.

When we say 123, she touches her fingers as though she's counting. Not always. She doesnt like showing off that often.

She lifts the phone receiver and places it at her ear. (and then she chews the coiled wire.)

She claps when happy birthday is sung.

She also eats papers.

I would expect a gross improvement in all aspects when she hits one. *ahem

An Unbiased Review by:
Househole deprt


Gargles said...

The pat on the shoulder? She's actually saying "Good doggie"..

Anonymous said...

haha, so cute. i mean her. :P

goolypop said...

Gargles, *bite* grrroooowllll...never pat on a dogs shoulder when gambling!

Tuti, me also quite cute one..............


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