Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Two years ago, just like any mother in the world with a motor mouth kid, I had wanted to cut the apron string.

I wanted him to be independent (read: wipe his own ass).

I was scared that he would turn up to be "mummy's boy."

Thus, I snipped snipped snipped the string away. A little by little. First by sending him to school.

I remember sending him to school, wanting so much that he'd just climb down the car on his own, instead of holding his hand, waving good bye a hundred times, and kissing him just as many times. Not that I hated was just that there were times that I'd rather drive, drop, go.

You know wish came true. I now drive, drop, go everyday. Not even a chance to kiss and hug. Heh, try that and the car behind will honk you for stalling the traffic queue for 3 seconds.

Anyways, I didn't care the other day. He had clambered down with his heavy bag. I honked. He turned around. I blew him a kiss.

He frowned a little. Put his hand on his hips, as if annoyed. And a smile crept in.

I wonder if he misses me as much as I do, him.

I miss doing stuff with him. Just the two of us.

But he doesn't wanna watch kungfu panda 2 with me. He doesn't want transformers 3 either. Neither does he want to jalan jalan aimlessly at the mall with me.

Is that what growing up, for a boy means?

Have I lost those kisses on the lips forever?

Where have all the silly banters gone?

I miss you, son. But if that's how boys grow to become men... I'll just have to let you go.


reanaclaire said...

Reading this makes me teary eyed.. i miss my sons ..

Small Kucing said...

snip snip...have to start learning that.

Gargles said...

kwa ju ngor jek, haimai?

Anonymous said...

quite sad reading this. but ya, that's the way to go, mama!
in place soon will be his hands going round your shoulders instead. he's growing up!

goolypop said...

Claire, mari..kita sama sama cry..

Skuching, dun snip wrong place ok..

Gargles, kwa ju nei geh seh yan tau! (I have always wanted to say that!)

Tuti, go where? Jom!

Mamapumpkin said...

Awwww.....that's why I'm not craving for a son. I know I will be that bitch of a mother-in-law! Muahahaha!!!


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