Friday, July 22, 2011

Amazing gooly?

The current arrangement for now, since my sis is 8 hours flight away from home, is to care for my nephew, Harry Potter a few hours during the weekdays, and full day on week ends. My hands are quite tied with lolly, and my mom needs to prepare lunches and dinners. That leaves..............Mr Gooly to be in charge of that fella!!

Usually they just cekik each other until either one muntah darah. But there are times when we can really see how a doting brother gooly can be.

Say, like...

Last Saturday,gooly volunteered to bathe Harry. Some 6 years olds have problems cleaning themselves, what more helping a younger chap, who comes with an attitude the size of the African map. He carefully instructed him to wash where it's hidden and obscure to a four year old. And then gingerly lathered his hair with shampoo, reminding him to shut his eyes.

All these I could hear. And I couldn't help feeling proud.

Later in the afternoon, ahma who like any other grandmas, being obsessed with poops and pees, wondered aloud if Harry has done his thang. Gooly nonchalantly said yes. "Are you sure? And how do you even know?" I asked.

"I helped him washed his butt."

Wow! While we were all busy doing one thing or another, I'm so glad that gooly is just as helpful.

One last "story" - Harry had wanted to pee while I was at the stall buying durians. Gooly brought him down from the car, headed to the longkang, armed with his tumbler.

"Yo! Why did you bring the tumbler down?" I was puzzled.

I then saw him pouring water onto Harry's hand, with very wise words of, "Wash you hands after peepee!"

Amazing kid, ain't he? He is so much more helpful and singmuk than my maid, whom, by the way we have fired with no regrets!

Oh ya... That reminds other time, lolly was shouting so much (yeah, she shouts when she wants something, very seldom she cries.) she didn't want the bottle. Also refused to be carried. Which is really rare. What was it that she wanted? Aiyor!

"Mom, maybe you should change her diaper.."

Damn! He's right! I had forgotten to change her!

And so all was well once that was done. I grinned and let out a "phew" to gooly.

"Mom, next time just remember, it's either milk or diaper, ok?"



Small Kucing said...

smart anak tegur pulak

Gargles said...

fuyoh! can win the amazing race liddat! go gooly go!

(tsk! why can't he be normal sikit? kick up fuss and bawl all day? c'mon! but yeah, he's one hail of an amazing little man)

BoeyJoey said...

sounds like HQ babying QQ... but he has not gone as far as washing her butt... he shouts "Popo! Meimei poo poo already!" Heehee

Anonymous said...

makes EVERYTHING worthwhile.
love your little boy.


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