Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sports day

Gooly's school was having its annual sports day event today. For weeks gooly contemplated on going or not. He was not chosen for any events. But he'd still like to go to watch. Initially he thought it was compulsory to go, but when I said it wasn't , he kinda fleet towards "stay home to play with his cuz" agenda.

On my part, there was a lot of "uhm....errr...are you sure you want to go?" because waking up early is not exactly my favorite thing to do. Of course, staying under the hot sun is not favorable as well. But the final card was still in his hands.

Finally he decided on going. So I dropped him off at school so early that i surprised my neighbour (cos they never see me until after noon. Bwahahaha). For making it on time and safely despite with eyes half shut, I do deserve a pat on my back, don't I? That aside, gooly was a bit apprehensive as he wasn't sure where to gather or assemble. But he just braved himself and climbed down the car.

Not long later, I received a call from a parent. According to her, gooly seemed kinda worried. Reason being, very little of his classmates showed up. Only a handful of those participating in events were present. In fact, I do think he was the ONLY non-participating member from his class. I asked if he wanna come home, he said, "no."

That parent was nice enough to accompany him (I keep meeting awesome people that I should really thank god!) So all was well.

I was thinking - NONE of the classmates were there. Sad ain't it? That parents don't care about non -academic activities. Or it could be children these days are all made of candles; they melt under the sun. So nonono...they ain't no going for a stupid sports event. (I didn't like the sun either, but lathered him with SPF 30- problem solved.)

And most importantly.......(read on)

Despite not knowing what to anticipate, and then finding out that NONE of his usual gang was there, gooly was adamant on being on location. I just had to ask why.

"I just wanted to support my friends who are running.."

Now that's what I call good spirits!! That's what's missing from many parents' values. to those who went to the mall or slept in late or simply discouraged your child from going to school today, guess he/ she never got to learn about semangat muhibbah today eh? Then again, it was Gooly who taught me this valuable lesson today.

And what's more, watching those athletes run, hop, jump encouraged Gooly to fair better in sports. He would like to go again next year, as a participant.

Gooly, I will be there to support you then! 100% :)


Mamapumpkin said...

*Hugs Gooly, AGAIN!*

Gargles said...

*pull tisu out*

sniff! sniff!

a peck of dust in my nostrils..

(he's such a darling! unbelievable!)

BoeyJoey said...

Even though I'm not his Mama, I'm so proud of him! I think your chest just "burst" with pride ya :-)

goolypop said...

Gooly: aunty pepsi, can I get a hug from t1 instead? *grin*

Gh, pull tissue out from bosom? So magical wan!

Bjoey, my chest burst with boobs also! 34 DDDD. Lol.


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