Friday, July 29, 2011

Lolly - the screaming banshee

Lolly, at 4 months old has, strangely developed a bourgeoning talent of opera singing.

At 3 am.

Oh my lard. It is quite painful to hear her screaming voice at such an ungodly hour. Then again, she is asleep, as much as 9 hours during daylight that I can almost understand that she wants to practice using her larynx when she is awake. Almost.

I really don't know what it is that she voices out (duh! But of course!) but they are often punctuated with smiles and laughter. And sometimes a brief silence, as though she awaits or expects a response from the audience of her poorly attended concert (me!)

During interims, she sucks her finger. Fore finger, to be exact. It's strange because the thumb is a popular choice amongst these suckers, no? Tut, tut, tut, she sucks, slobbering her chin with saliva. She sure makes it seem so tasty that I want to shove my own finger (or hers) into my mouth to see if it really warrants old Tuck Kee's motto of "finger licking good ."

Quiet moments do come by when she feels her throat hoarse (I'm sure she does!) and we lay side by side. Sometimes I smile first and she imitates me. And there are times that she initiates the smile. For sure upward lips are duplicated despite the odd hours.

I have adopted a ritual of tracing my finger around and around her ..well, round face (because there really isn't much to do at 3 am). I also gingerly trace her upside down Nike swoosh eyebrows, finally reaching her button nose with a tap tap tap. This silly game makes her happy. She scrunches her nose, and lets out an audible chuckle.

My silly nocturnal baby owl. If it's not for her cute face (and equally cute fingers) I'd have......

Nah! I wouldn't have done anything harsh. Even if it means losing sleep and having ear-aches.

That's how much mommy loves you, lolly.

4.50 am. Shall we sleep now, baby?


Gargles said...

Aha! she knows our big durians-in-karaoke room rendezvous plan! obviously, she doesn't want to be left behind.

(you dunno about that plan? now you know!)

Small Kucing said...

she having colic? J was screaming from 8pm to 1am daily when he was 3mths old. Screaming for 1 mth like that

goolypop said...

Gg, which stall open at 3 am lah? Chicken stall meh?

Sk, no lah, not colic. She tak nangis n not in pain...just sing song loud2. Crazy like her marder...


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