Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This afternoon gooly got a good scolding from me. On the way to school. In the car. For at least 15 minutes. Yeap, I actually stopped the car to give him a full fledged lecture. Something about manners, I think. Gawd! I was so long winded, I myself had forgotten what superb speech I spewed. *wipe saliva*

Later in the evening, I asked if he enjoyed my scolding session. Sick humor I have, I know.

To my surprise, he answered YES!

Lucky for him that I was in a much better mood (with a durian ice cream cone in hand), I didn't continue with the sequel of The Scolding. I asked why instead.

"Because I turned off my ears.." he said, licking his chocolate cone.

Jaw dropping ensued. A slight grin emerged. Both from my face.

"How dare you!" I managed in between slurps of ice cream licking, and laughing.

"When you scold scold scold, I just switched off. Ding! (sound effect some more) Then when you asked me a question, I quickly turn back on, then I can answer. Ding!"

He's rather smooth, I must say. I didn't know he had zonked out if he had not told me.

And I admit that was kinda cool. So I asked if he could teach me the trick, something I can use when talking to certain people. Thus a crash course on Idiots Guide - How To Pretend You Are Listening When Your Mom Nags Like Forever.

Here's the thing, I'm sure he has learned his lesson (the one about manners). It's just that every mom has this nagging software installed making every damn lesson longer and more painful than necessary. Thank God boys (and possibly men) have this program called Selective Hearing to survive all the noise pollution.

But still, I did mumble about an old Chinese proverb about "giving birth to roast pork" at some point of his confession. Thus the title of this post. :p


Small Kucing said...

LOL...pandai punya anak

Pureglutton said...

Very very smart boy, this Gooly!

dr sinkaringam said...

u shld hv just give him 1 tight slap and says 'hope that will fix ur ear shutting craps..'..

and continue to scold part 2 sampai part 10 of the day.

what? joking cannot ah?

lalalalala *shut ears and continue drink 7-up*


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