Thursday, July 14, 2011

Party in the car!

Today we -mom and I, out of boredom decided to take Lolly for a spin. First we had to pick Harry Potter,my loud-speaker nephew up from the nanny's. And then travelled forth to school to pick gooly up.

Five minutes before the school bell rang, Missy decided that she didn't like to be stuck in the car. Thus she cried. She cried and cried and cried.

And cried some more.

So I rushed down and hurried gooly with a very serious, "Quick, mei mei is in the car -CRYING!"

Sensing the urgency, he sped up.

Upon entering the car, we discovered that Lolly was still in a bawling mood. My mom has turned on her grand-motherly mode, trying to calm her down with an equally high decible chanting of " ola ola....sayang sayang...."

Meanwhile Harry Potter was re-enacting a Tom and Jerry dialogue (which we have heard a million times) on top of his lungs, totally oblivious about the crying baby.

So there.. We had a cacophony of sounds in a confined area.

"Waaaaaaaaah........ola ola sayang sayang.....and then Tom bang his head and Waaaaaaaaah.......ola ola sayang...."

Wooooooah.....what a party.

I contributed some noise too, of course - "Harry! Be quiet!!"

Now if you haven't noticed, the only person who was calm and collected was Gooly. At one point, he soothingly said, "Mei Mei, are you tired? It's ok. We are reaching soon. Then you can sleep in your sarong ok. Don't worry...."

I was palpitating at first. His calming words brought peace to my mind.

When the saga was over, he confided that he was hoping for an after school ice cream, but too bad his lil sis was in a cranky mood. "It's ok. We can have one next time when she's not crying," he added.

Wow! Everyday I thank God for such a darling in my life.

Otherwise can you imagine?

"Waaaahhhhh... Ola ola sayang.....Tom hit Jerry..bang....weeeeeek.....ola ola...."


"Mom, can I have an ice cream?"

Gah! I would have crashed the car into the longkang, I tell you!


Mamapumpkin said...

*Hugs Gooly*

BoeyJoey said...

I cannot "tahan" everyone talking loudly at the same time in the car too... Gooly is so sweet. And wise :-).


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