Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thaigirl year kambing

Smile..cicak cicak!

Gooly in 2D

Mongsta berbulu lebat

Every day he looks at the calendar, counting the days to CNY. At first I wasn't sure if he was getting overtly excited about the angpows, his long awaited Bumblebee Transformer or the chance to meet his papah.

But last two weeks, my friend asked, "Do you like CNY?" He said, " I SURE DO!" with such strong affirmation. Just the day before, he had complained that the DONG DONG CHIANG songs were giving him a headache. So naturally I was slightly amused with his sudden positiveness.

"I can see papah during CNY," he explained.

Owh.. I see.

As for me, traveling up north has always been anathema. But lets not let my sien-ness hinders the young one from having fun, just like we used to.

Oh, those lovely white lacy socks. It's the only thing I looked forward to having during CNY when I was his age.

Hami Jainis Niu Ear to you alls. Let's sing! Mei tian tar jia siao siao.... (Everybody crazy everyday?)


reanaclaire said...

u er.. kam tok pei lei lum toe.. thaigirl year.. hahahaa.. really very creative.. full of ideas one u.. fook chor lei..
before u say howbouthen, i also wanna koong hei nie kor sun leen.. leen leen yau kam yat..sui sui yau kam chiu.. koong hei lei.. koong hei lei...
ooopss.. is this a birthday song or sun leen song??

BoeyJoey said...

Mei tian tar jia siao siao.... my interpretation... everyday shouting gila-gila!

My boy too been counting everyday to cny... why? besides seeing his cousins from s'pore, can start gorging on prawn crackers... gluton *pengsan*

BoeyJoey said...

opps... forgotten to wish goolymama, mini gooly and your famili happy chinese new year!

thaigirl year kambing??? hahaha!

Gargles said...

this year, i'm going to have to go to temple to pray for forgiveness for making someone really pissy... come, join me! i know you and me, sama gang. kakaka... ooh.. this cny is so happy.

tuti said...

happy tiger year, goolypop and papah and mahmee. i can't remember if i have wished you. now moderation enabled mah. if twice, then double happiness lor!

CY said...

Happy CNY goolymama.


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