Sunday, February 7, 2010

Silly me

I can really make Gooly laugh and cry .

In future, when the inevitable challenge of "my dad is bigger than yours" happens in school, he'd probably shock them all with, "My mom is funnier that yours. Way way funnier."

I make him laugh. Like seriously. And annoyingly. Everyday.


"Mom, what if we get hungry at the park?"

"Then we should sommersault and roll around the grass."

"BUT MOM! That's silly."

Ah..then you hear his hyena, saliva spitting laugh.


"Mom, if you take away the "A" from AWAS, it spells WAS. And if you take away the "s"..

"Whose ass?"

"MOM!" *starts giggling*

"How dare you say ass?"

" *eyes sprouting tears* MOM!" The LETTER S...MOM. Not backside."

"Ohh..silly me."

"Yes, silly you, mom!"


Oh, how long can I be silly for you, Gooly? Hmm..


Gargles said...


*wiping tears away*

(this the part i'll be bagging the oscars home)

tuti said...

bet my ass is bigger than yours.

Actor Sinkar said...

omg! this is the funniest post ever!! u r indeed a funny mom...~!

*wiping tears away also*

(best supporting actor)

goolypop said...

gg.. ya.. i knew u have the mentality of a 5 year old. Thas why i lop u.

goolypop said...

tuti, bet wif what? mine is africa map wor..

goolypop said...

sinkar, i appreciate ur appreciation of stand-up comedy. Thanks.


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