Saturday, February 20, 2010

Misunderstood n understand

We bought a new set of bored games. 50 in a box kinda bored games. With small pieces for us to lose.

Yesterday, in the car, Gooly was slightly upset that he had forgotten to keep the new box away from his little cousin who is a reknown toy demolisher.

Naturally, I launched into the usual tirade of remarks about taking care of your own stuff and not leaving them around. I even threw in a "If you are so afraid that he will destroy your toys, you should keep them somewhere safe,' which sent his eyes teary. And he remained silent.

When we got home, he hurried into his room to check for possible damages inflicted by the little boy who destroys, I assumed. Seeing that everything was the way he left them, he was evidently relieved.

"I'm so glad he didnt swallow anything!" he said.

Oooh! So he was worried about choking hazards, and not because he was being a paranoia who didn't want to share.

This is not the first time I have misunderstood him. I should really give him the benefits of doubt.

On a lagi heavier note, he cried so pitifully at the airport yesterday.

"I will miss you , papah.." he wailed while holding on to his collar. There was actually a patch of wet tears on papah's shirt.

For someone who cries over Yasmin's advertisements, I, of course cried along with him.

"Don't cry, sayang," was all I could mutter. He looked at me and realised that my cheeks were stained too. He wiped away my tears and asked in a pained voice,"What's wrong, mom?"

What's wrong? I suppose my heart broke.

The other day, he asked me, "Why you look so sad, Mom?"Oh.. gee. I thought I was a good actress. But he knows me better than anyone else, eh? Sharing the same food and blood for 9 months must have somehow bonded us in amazing ways.

The past days have been interlaced with happy reunions and sad partings. *sigh*


tuti said...

and the meeting-up-again is always made more sweet because of the sad partings. ;)

goolypop said...

but tuti, u and i are meant to be together......Eternal frame......

Gargles said...

got gossips anot ah? if not, the kacang-belacan would all go to a waste. jom, let's spill them out already.

edamame said...


goolypop said...

gargles, i dont do gossips. Sorri.

(Old town kopitiam next monday, ok?)

goolypop said...

edamame..dun wan to haih lorr...

*do cartwheels and a very fake YIPEEEEEEEE*

BoeyJoey said...

1st story: little Gooly very sweet leh!
2nd story: We are both lousy actresses... haiz...


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