Sunday, February 21, 2010

Extra lessons

Ok, so the school is offering art classes. Rm50 a month - the cheapest of all. Golf is Rm200. And according to the lord of acronyms, golf stands for Golongan Orang Lemah Fizikal. Hence we are boycotting the sport and supporting a more refined activity.

So I said, "Hey, art classes on Friday. You wanna join?"

"No. I can draw," came the yi-wai-hou-sing reply.

I rolled my eyes a bit. And sighed a bit. I mean..look, son. I love you and all. But you aren't exactly Picasso material. Your Stegosaurus looks like a thorny pineapple. And your prawn is a letter C. Yeah.. I know.. I see the resemblance. The curve-shelled body is like a letter C. Yes..of course I know Stegosaurus has spikes kinda like a pineapple. But..but..*whisper* your art is crap. Crappier than him.

What? You still think you can draw? And you don't need help? And you don't care how other people interpret your 'masterpieces'?

Yes.. I know... famous artists' works are often misunderstood.

Ok, I am sorry for suggesting the ridiculous idea of 'learning' art. And for doubting your talent.


How about ballet? You know.. so you can get to know more girls? What dya mean you already know how to dance?........

My son is Mr. Gooly-knows-it-all. *sigh*


Sinkar Kong Sisat said...

u misquoted me!

GOLF stands for Golongan Orang Lemah Fikiran.

You are the Tiger Wood in this case..

edamame said...

So in the end dia tak nak kelas ape2 ke?

tuti said...

send him to sinkar school lor.
everything-in-one 'silly burst'.

Gargles said...

chiu! the last time you knew i send my son to muzik kelas, you chiu-ed me. now you leh? huh!

goolypop said...


Aktually...u said GOLONGAN ORANG LEMAK FIZIKAL (such as yourself)..

goolypop said...

edamame, so in the end, i pun gantung his stegosaurus disguised as pineapple art kat frigde aku..

goolypop said...

tuti, that special enrolment one. Not everyone can join ok? The first criteria is must be handsome...

(ahem..sinkar, steamboat on u ok?)

goolypop said...

gargles, chiu! i ask jek..never force him to join, ok? You different, use cane to make them practise sexaphone.. Hoh!


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