Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Best Drama Series

As the designated driver of the family, I drove my mom to my aunt's place for an evening soiree yesterday, where another aunt was awaiting.

They are not blood sisters, these three ladies.. but gee..what is the term called? These aunts are my father's brothers' wives. Ah...so they are my Mom's sisters in law. Correct?

Despite the norm of having disputes amongst other SILs, these three somehow maintain their dignity and are able to like each other.

Everytime they gather, mirth laughter is sure to be heard. And tales of the olden days are sure to be retold.

You see..

Once upon a time, all three families (plus another villain aunt) stayed under one roof under the watchful eyes of the matriarchal Empress Dowager (my grandma). The things that happened in the bungalow can easily be scripted for a TVB series. We have the villains, the useless, the poor but kind hearted characters - a winning formula for a drama series.

While listening to their reminiscing of the past, I thought the cast of actors and actresses for the next Series of the Year.

Grandmother - Lee Hiong Kum as Empress Dowager

Grandfather - Cheh Yin as Emperor (who smokes candu and gets his money conned all the time)

My mother - Chermaine Seah as the poor Daugher In Law who scrubs toilets

My aunts - Tavia Yeung & Ada Choy as Chermaine's chums

My aunt - Kate Tsui as THE VILLAIN

So imagine this..

Kate Tsui being the last prince's wife was the most favoured daughter in law. Right before the demise of the evil empress, pure solid gold necklaces, rings, bracelets were passed on to her.

Meanwhile my mother (played by Chermaine) and the other two DILs were only given 3 inches each, which was chopped off from a long golden belt which belonged to the Emperor.

And Kate Tsui, menacingly said, "Gee, I wonder why "tai-hau' let me....ME...and not you, ladies have all these jewelleries. Buahaha."

*Kate Tsui laughs a sinister laugh. Her hands on her belly, her shoulders shaking while her monstrous red eyes glisten * (she will definately bag the Best Actress award)

Meanwhile, Chermaine could only cry abit and think how foolish of her to have massaged the empress's feet for years and gained nothing but a stupid 3 inches gold chain.

*Chermaine holds a silk hanky and dabs her teary eyes - a precarious posture*

C'mon..don't you think the script is destined for for a Best Drama Series?

I have never liked my aunt - the villain much. Hearing these stories from my mom and aunts yesterday really made me wanna revenge for my mom.........

This is the part you come in, Sinkar.

She has 4 daughters.

The way to make her suffer now is to have you as a Son in law.

What say you? Golden (not McDonald) nuggets await you....


BoeyJoey said...

wakakaka... u better start writing the script now, tm it, and sell to tvb! bila jadi famos director jo, dont forget me hah! gimme a keh leh fei role also nemermind!

Gargles said...

*yawn* king wah choon moong ha jub... good la, these days, very hard to sleep also. can watch until sleep.

but when sinkar chut cheong, everyone would laff oredi. how? is this actually a drama or comedy or soap opera?

I am Not Sinkar said...

sinkar then pop in the '7 poe mai wan tan' (7-steps drugs pill) into the 4 drinks and forced them to drink..

all drink jor.. auto go naked.. then this sinkar take pictures and upload to internet.

then the mader found out, cannot face it and kill all the dotters then kill herself.

chermaine and gang happy. dimji the chermaine got 1 sot plak dotter go and self take nude photos and upload herself..

no choice, chermaine get sinkar help again to kill that dotter.

end of episode 20, dai kit kook.

Gargles said...

that was what the plan sinkar has in mind...

dimji, he can't read and bought the wrong drugs. it's 7-steps-sell-wan-ton instead.

but that's still ok, coz the 4 girls also wanna let him take nude pics and be femes in the cyberspace too, so they jajadeidei and go as his plan.

dimji, the mother found out and unlike his plan, she was very pleased with the results for noone wanted to take another look at her girls before. and so, she also made sinkar take nude pics of her too...

sinkar then vomit until buckets full...

I am Not Sinkar said...

after sinkar vomitted, he went back to the drugs peddler, nicknamed tangkasoh. he demanded an explaination on the wrong drugs..

tangkasoh action action says mm guan hui si.. wtf? how can, right?

so sinkar for guan take out the samurai emperor dragon sword and slice tangkasoh sampai 18 kerats.

happy ending. kit kook.

Gargles said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
CY said...

Haha. Funny but too bad admin delete the final comment. What happen ah?

Real Sinkar said...

CY, the story got steamy and was axed by the jabatan filem negara.. :(

CY said...

Aiya, JFN anything also censor one lah. Sure or not?

goolypop said...

kok wai koon jung...

project tvb canceled cos it violated copy rights of Chin Wong Ji Wong (SIONG HAR JAP)...

(Lisa Cheh is sueing...)


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