Friday, March 15, 2013

His Best Weapon

Quite often Gooly asks me, "How do you think your day is going to be like?"

The first time he asked, I felt odd. But to humour him, I answered nonetheless with something along the line of "Gee.. I dunno. I was tired but when i saw your smile the moment you woke up, I thought it was gonna be good"

And i asked, "Why? How is yours going to be like? Anything interesting happening?"

And the wise-o said, "If i think its going to be great.. it will be great."

And he smiled that great smile.

Today I woke up late. Thus he woke late. And we were all late. Bummer! I forgot to iron his shirt. There was no bread. I had to shit. His socks misplaced. Groan.. dare I say, it's gonna be a baaad day.

And yet..he hopped off the car at the school gate ala Jims Bong with a big wave and smile. It's tgif! Nothing is gonna spoil it for him. Not shitty mom.. barfing sister..stale biscuits.

And when I pick him up from school..every day, I ask, "How was your day?"


Seriously dude? I dont think schools are such blasts. You high or sumting, son?


OK-lah.. I just think he has a positive outlook on life. Why dread something that you have to do day in day out? That I gotta learn from him.

Random activity whilei waiting for Mr. Sunshine home - Listening to Beatles with Lolly. Coolsome!


Small Kucing said...

LOL.....sugar rush kot? woi long time no see updates...or maybe i tarak drop by :p

how is Lolly?

goolypop said...

SK, Lolly is waiting for adoption from SPCA. :P :P


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