Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The little game

EVery night before dozing off to sleep, Lolly and I play this silly game invented by herself.

She would catch something with her bare hands and hold it in her closed palms. It is all pretend, of course. To humour her, I ask, "What did you get this time?"

Sometimes she says it's a butterfly. Well, she cant say 'baherfy' yet..but she gestures the creature by crossing her hands, and making wings with her fingers while interlocking her thumbs. Darn cute.

Sometimes she catches a star and put it in my palm and ask me to 'kwiggly' close it.

Yesterday, she caught..

A KOCKOJ! (cockroach). ANd when my mouth was agape, she popped it into my mouth and shrieked with laughter. Oh she was wickedly funny. Or was it funnilly wicked?

But then, as her 2nd birthday draws nearer, I was so afraid of the infamous terrible twos phase. I thought she was so going to ACE that stage. But to my pleasant surprise, she has some-what mellowed down. She is, as of now, all pretty and nice and all that spice. She listens to instructions better, talks oh so cute and she sways her hips when she walks.

ANd she stops, looks over her shoulder and gives coy smiles.

Just like Princess D. Hehe..

Just today, she cleans up her puzzles, without prompting..She said, "kukap" (clean up), put all the pieces into the box, hung the box over her shoulder like a bag, and waved and said, "babai" to me, and swayed her hips left right left right to the toy chest.

And she has also become more sympathetic. To herself. Like when she fell, she consoled herself saying, "Nehmind" (never mind). Or when I coughed, she said, "U oteh?" (You ok?) while putting a concerned arm over my shoulder. I would have stopped coughing if her over-dramaly face of concerned was not so funny.

Her face is really funny. She has a button nose. Small eyes. Puffy lids. She looks like a Korean boy who cries when his ice cream drops on the ground.

See what I mean? BTW, she feels like a champ wearing that goggles. Especially so when it's on her forehead. Man.. then she is INVINCIBLE!

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