Thursday, February 28, 2013

almost 2

But not yet..

Here is a list of things she can do:
1. Drives me nuts, bonkers, bollocks
2. Makes me dig my nails deep into the walls
3. Inspires me to punch the wall
4. Changes my whole perspective of parenting- one that I had not anticipated
5. Pushes the envelope. .well..erm..more like pushing me to the corners
6. Makes frequent blood checks totally neccesary
7. Gives a whole new meaning of "challenging" (now it means 1 more second of screaming and I will hang you like a piece of underwear on the cactus, to me) you get the drift. She totally kills my innards and cells and brain.

To be fair..only when she acts up.

Like that day at the club, she wanted to go to the bb pool which I forbade cos its too cold. She didnt listen like ms. Bawani, as you may have guessed. I suddenly understand the whole notion of "listen seven times". I pulled her outof the pool. No more swimming. As simple as that. Big mama is angwee!

She wailed.and I lectured about "listen to mama" - 7 times.

And yet..

"Do you want to listen to mama?"


And it went on to become Nnnnnnnyyyyook! - a blatant disobedience.

And so I did what I had to do.

"Say yes!"


"Go stand there if you dont want to listen to mama."

And she did! After saying, "Oteh!"

Her back faced me. I walked to her and saw that
she was twiddling her fingers, avoiding eye contact.

Omg! Whaat was I to do???

Oh come on! Just say yes and we can all go home.

It totally went from "teaching her a lesson to power struggle to facepalm to epic failure.

Oklah. Finally she did say yes. Actually I dont really think she knows listening to mama means being obedient.
Maybe she is just at the phase of saying nyyok cos its syok to do so.

But oh well, I won!

Uhmm..I did right? Like totally.



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