Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Brotherly love

There is this book which Gooly writes/draws loads of stuff in it. Mainly sketches of go-knows-what and blue prints of the next greatest inventions. I was flipping through it the other day, and found that there was a mini quiz. There were some basic questions and then there were boxes of answers by people who are honoured to have been asked.

What is your favourite sound?

He knew me so well that under Mom's column, he has written 'the sound of violin'.

What made me really smile was HIS favourite sound.

...... it is 'the sound of laughter from my baby sister.'

He really adores that girl. Another time, she was fast asleep in the car seat. He peeked at her the moment he climbed into the car, and commented, "Her face is so cute when she is sleeping.. I like her eyelashes when her eyes are closed."

And of course he has to make another crucial point, "I dont like it when she screams.."

Yeah me neither.

Lolly, how lucky of you to have the dearest koko.

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