Monday, March 18, 2013

my secretary

One day, my phone rang. If you know me, I almost dont answer the phone every time it rings. So notorious I am for this unintentional fame that people say, "Wow! You pick up your phone!" in mock admiration when I do.

So that day, I was rescuing a cat from a mouse, when the phone rang and I asked Gooly to answer it. He was one step too late, the phone has stopped ringing its "Shanghai Bund" tune. Never mind, I said. They would have expected an unanswered call.

Much later, I checked the missed call (err.. it must have been after 99 hours or so). I realised that Gooly has typed and sent an sms to the caller.

"Sorry, busy now. Will call you later."

Awesomeness! I have an in house secretary that make empty promises on behalf of me, with full of diplomacy.

Also, he has been using my phone to call the tuition teacher whenever he gets stuck with homework. The teacher would reply via sms, so that he can read the chinese words. I never bother much with what she writes cos.. duuh not like i can read chinese. And one day, I ter-accidentaly read the messages. hanky panky.

I see that Gooly has actually replied each of her smses with "Thank you" or "Have a nice day."

That is nice. Something he does without prompting.

Ring ring.. ring ring... alo?

On the other hand, if you hear "alo" or deep breathing when you call me, that would be Lolly.

1 comment:

tasy said...

na na na.. dun you start accusing gooly as the one sending to me those bitching, gossipping, porno, vulgarity sms/mms ahh.. i know that's you! admit it!


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