Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lolly at 23 mths

She is definitely speaking more, its just that we havent found the right channel to receive transimission. Despite the sometimes unsuccessful but fun communication, she is trying to string two or three words.

"Loot (at) me."

"Please help me."

"i eat rice."

Very often, she answers your questions with a very thoughful uhm.......which is darn cute. The other day she was colouring/contenging a bear bloody red. So i asked, what colour is that? As if she knows.


Woosh! Do not underestimate her. I mean her acting skill cos it turns out every bloody other things are red too.

But there was this one time at the car, i was telling her about know evaporation and water density...stuff you tell a two year old all the time. And she went..uhm...white clouds.

Wooosh! Einstein, you have a successor. Never mind Stephen Hawkings yo!

But this girl really cracks me up. When she goes, "Look me" and when i do, i am ever ready to let out a guturral laugh cos she is silly and cheeky like that. Just today she said "look me" and when i turned, she was wearing my oversized (even for me, imagine on her) sunglasses, upside down with a huge wide grin. She looked like Pocoyo. *grin*

she likes saying NO still for the heck of it. Omg. She even sounds like Pocoyo.

Did you poopoo? NYOK!

Go wash your poopoo. NYOK! you want to have a smelly butt? YESH.

Do not underestimate her speech.

And oh, she inserts sound effects like, ohnyo! Oei? Ha?

And she is turning two soon. *excited* I'm so asking her to wipe her own arse apart from handling the laundry and cooking the meals. Yay! That will leave me more time to make more babies.

Did I just say the most craxy thing?

Hormones a bitch.

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