Monday, February 4, 2013

Potty training mission almost complete interesting. The topic of potties and poos.If you read it real fast it almost sounds like parties and booze.

Anyways..decided to introduce the whole concept of a clean ass to Lolly. We are ahead of schedule I think cos one usually starts at year 2. I wasnt expecting much or any fast outcome. I just bought her the cheapest spitoon look alike potty - those red ones and asked her to sit on it.

And every freaking time she went and she leaned forward with a forlorn face. And she stood up with a red rimmed ass. So I thought that cheapo potty was not comfortable for her royal butt. Went to ikea and bought her a wider brimmed one. au au.

Same torturous murmurs.

Was contemplating on those really stupid fancy potty..those which plays music and flushes. But seeing that it doesnt include wiping the arse, I was reluctant.

So I showed her some videos on youtube on potty training. She watched eyes wide with bewilderment. And started potty training her teddy bear.

Once she ran into the back room in a frantic mode obviously looking for something. I asked what was it? She actually said "thish" , holding a diaper. was for her bear.

And after a while, she plonked the furry thing on the potty and checked for deposits.

So she was getting the concept right. Just not adventurous to experiment it yet.

And then one night she announced that her bowel movement was at its prime and there she did it. A big pile of dung plopped into the rm3.90 potty. Ah yes.. we are reverting to the cheapo potty though the ikea ones are not that expensive either but she reckons it is more suited for her bear.

So we are done with poos. She has pooped 4/5 times into the plastic throne, to date. But we are not so succesfull with the liquid deposits yet.

She announces poopoo all the time whether its poo,pee or fart. Sometimes its a false alarm. She just sits there pook yin watching haughtyly at her nails. Then she gets up only to pee on the floor. Of happens. *inhale exhale.

But a while ago, she said poopoo and I left her at
yhe throne. She came back and said "yook yook" oh so ok...when I looked..there was liquid in it.

So yipeee...yay yay!

It should be soon that we can strike diapers off the shopping list. Fingers crossed.

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