Sunday, August 28, 2011

Taking the lifts

One of the things that freaks gooly out would be The Lifts. No, he is not claustrophobic. He's just (very) worried that the doors would slam or squash him (or anyone of us) into pancakes {though I wouldn't mind a svelte flatten pancake figure}.


Every time we get into one of those things that go up and down and nothing else, he'd jump right in, crossing the line as though hurdling over a river of crocodiles. And he'd be so quick to press the button that holds the doors. "Quick, mom! Hurry up!" he'd holler.

I would push the stroller in and say, "Thank you for holding the door. "

Ding! When it's time to step out, again it's the same routine. "Quick, mom! Hurry up!" while pressing hard the "open" button that you will need a tool to pry his hand off it (if you want to totally freak him out).Then, again he jumps over the imaginary 1 foot hurdle onto safe ground. Very often, he heaves a sigh of relief while looking over his shoulder, as though he had just escaped from The Lift Of Hell *cue thunderclaps and eerie organ sound*

When we have company taking the lift with us (friends and families, not strangers) he always takes charge and lets out a very unnecessary command of "Out! Everybody out! Hurry!" with such strong urgency that we scamper {imagine 911 - people evacuating from burning buildings} *kancheong music*. makes me wonder....if he's so afraid, isn't it noble of him NOT to be the first one out, and just let everyone DIE in the lift? He is quite a hero, isn't he? Chivalrous too.

Yesterday he did the same at KLCC. We got into the lift which was packed like sardines. Me, with the stroller got pushed right to the corner. And he was at the front, holding the fort, so to say. "Mom! I am here, don't worry!" (I like that he's very responsible in letting me know he is ok). When it was our floor to get off, he insisted, as usual that I go first and "make sure baby is safe". A man noticed, smiled and said, "you take care of mummy so well! Very good! And thank you for holding the door for all of us."

That made me beam so much that I am sure KLCC was brighter than Saturn?

I am so proud of my Captain Gooly - the little boy who is in charge of lifts.


Small Kucing said...

:) mine also scared of lift though he takes it practiscally everyday. If I don't go in, he wont dare to go in

Anonymous said...

gooly's a special kid.
still waiting for you to lend me for a day or two. :P

goolypop said...

Skuching...oooh...jom we permainkan him. Push him inside lift, turn of all lights sempena bulan 7 calendar cina. Partey!! Wooohooooo~~~ (don't really do ah..want to do, wait 20 yrs later then u won't get sued)

Anon tuti, eh, now got promotion, borrow gooly, free lolly (not the edible kind), ai Mai?

Anonymous said...

lol. you're a swell mom. :)

Mamapumpkin said...

This is so weird! Tessa feels exactly the same way about lifts & she does exactly the same things Gooly does with lifts! What's it with kids & lifts???

goolypop said...

mama, they are superheroes disguised as little chikdren disguised as devils...


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