Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We've been out!

I have been very brave, bringing lolly out all the way to town and back - solo. With a heavy bag. Very heavy bag...and a stroller...and a thousand bibs..and enough milk to feed the army.

I'm getting the hang of it...and enjoying the attention we get. Comelnya...sho cute...aiya, hou tuck yi...are words uttered by total strangers. About her, not me (ya! Ridiculous, I know!). And oh yes, "gorgeous" by a mat salleh lady. And also "lolilolili" by an Indian lady pinching her cheeks, and I'm sure she meant cute too.

What do you reckon? Is it her rotund shape? Or hairless head that's so appealing? Could be her finger sucking show too? Or the way she smiles revealing nothing but gums (and saliva)?

Ah well.. As long as she brings joy to the world..


Small Kucing said...

so darn cute la. wei bring her to go take those cute cute bb photos la. Join contest sure WIN

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Nom nom nom! ;)

goolypop said...

Sk, nowadays contest all by votes...boring ler like that. I tak banyak gangster members to vote..

Corsage, ouch, u bit my butt. :p

Mamapumpkin said...

She is bloody gorgeous....


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