Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Movie without me

- Do you wanna catch a movie with papah?

- Sure.

- Transformers?

- I don't like Transformers anymore.

- Hmmmm..what other movie is there to watch?

- The Zookeeper. I saw the advertisement. It's quite funny.

- go watch with papah. I'll stay home with baby.

- Oh can come with us. Mei mei can stay with nainai,

- Nainai is leaving for {another country} tomorrow, remember?

- Oh yaaaaa! Never mind lah..I will try to remember the funny parts and tell you when I come back ok?

- Ok-lah!

(remember to leave some pop corns for me too!)


Gargles said...

hei yau chi hui! shud have said "mom, you go watch la, i stay home to watch over meimei".... tsk tsk *shake head*

goolypop said...

Ok ok..he did say that..but I didn't write it jek..

(lies everywhere!)


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